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With over 13  years of experience in the field of fast international air transportation, DARB BAR AIRSA Courier & Cargo LLC. started the activity by registration of DARBEX as Trade Name since 2015. Initially, one of the important objective of this company was to introduce a 100% Iranian brand in this industry we achieved our goal after making incessant follow-up and efforts and at present we are prepared to give services to our clients by taking the related licenses and permissions from the relevant organizations and institutes. We intend to allocate great market share by presentation of our services at international level and thus through globalization of DARBEX brand.


At present acquiring the great market share in regional markets and particularly markets in the Middle East is deemed as a mission for DARBEX Group since after lifting the economic embargoes on Iran and starting world trade process with Iran a very appropriate opportunity will be provided to achieve this objective and regional markets.
To this end, DARBEX Company has identified the related customers and its target market and mainly focused on this mission at present.


Presentation of services to its customers at international level is the foremost vision for DARBEX Group thereby it is intended to globalize DARBEX brand for this vision we have mainly focused on it and provided the needed facilities for this purpose as well.