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Air Waybill

A non-negotiable document issued by an air carrier to acknowledge possession of a shipment and which serves as a receipt for the consignor (shipper). The air waybill indicates the shipment's destination address and
Includes contact information for the consignor and consignee (receiver).

What is airfreight?

Airfreight or cargo (commercial cargo), special aircraft are sent from one country to the destination country.To fully understand the concept of airfreight and commercial freight, you must be familiar with the difference between the two concepts of cargo and freight.
Difference between airfreight and air cargo (commercial shipment) in air logistics industry.
People who intend to immigrate or travel to other countries for a long time can send their required goods and supplies to the destination country by using airfreight companies. Are private, called other side we have air cargo service. In aviation, it refers to the movement of commercial goods between different countries, which is carried by cargo aircraft. As a result, the cargo delivered by merchants to airlines to the destination country is different from the freight carried by passengers.

Export and import goods are divided into three categories:

Authorized goods: Goods whose import or export does not require a license in accordance with the rules.

Conditional goods: are goods whose export and import require the permission of government agencies (such as books, publications, films, tapes, cultural and artistic works)

Prohibited goodsIt is a product that is prohibited by Sharia or by law.


Manifest is the list of total Shipments which we have in one flight. The total list of cargo includes the shipments carried on an aircraft.
The total list of goods or consignments includes the trade specifications of the goods.
These specifications include 
shipping document number, shipper, Consignee, number and type of packages, description and quantity of goods.The manifest is also a declaration of shipments and many countries use this document as a declaration of shipments. Any commercial shipment that enters the customs territory through air, land, sea borders must be provided with a copy of this document. Indicates that the goods have been loaded and transported from the customs of the origin in a country and nothing has been added or deducted from it along the way, unless this is indicated in the manifest.


Pre-Paid means payment of the shipment by the shipper.
The purpose of this service is to meet the needs of customers who want to receive freight charge at the origin from the sender.


Cash on Delivery means payment by the consignee.
The purpose of this service is to meet the needs of customers who want to receive freight charge on shipments to the destination from the recipient.

Packing List:

Packing lists are usually prepared by the seller or the sender of the goods, but there are also specialized companies that package the goods and prepare a list of the contents of the packages and the type of packages.


An invoice is a commercial inventory or invoice document issued by the seller or exporter in exchange for the provision of goods or services to the buyer. This document indicates the amount that the buyer must pay to the seller in exchange for receiving a certain amount of goods or services. This document is only between the two parties, now in some cases this invoice is issued in the name of individuals.

Difference between MAWB & HAWB:

Master Air Way Bill is issued by the carrier and the issuer of the bill of lading is responsible for both parties. Along with the MAWB of lading, there are several House Air Way Bill of lading in which the main carrier acts as the consignee or deliverer on each side of transit. The HAWB of lading is issued by the shipping broker and he is responsible for Air, land and sea transportation. In fact, shipping agents in this case will be responsible for planning the shipment from the beginning to the end.